The Department of Food Science and Nutrition

The Department of Food Science and Nutrition of Zhejiang University, formerly the Department of Food Science andTechnology, was re-established in 1985. The department has since developed rapidly owing to the sustained endeavor of the teaching and research stuffs and support from the local society and governments. The department was entitled to confer master degrees in agricultural products processing and storage in 1986, became Priority Discipline of Zhejiang province in 1994, entitled to confer doctorial degrees in food science and enlisted in the "211 Project" for key discipline construction in 1996, became Key Discipline of the Ministry of Agriculture in 1999, and entitled to confer doctorial degrees in all branches of food science and engineering, as well as established post-doctorial station in 2003. The department became the Key Department of Zhejiang Province In 2004, and enlisted in the "985 Project" for key department construction in 2005. According to the National Appraisal of First Order Departments conducted by the Ministry of Education in 2003, the overall national ranking of the Food Science and Engineering department in Zhejiang University was 4th, and the teaching and research stuff, as well as scientific research were ranked at 3rd.

Disciplines in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition

Discipline Doctorial program Master program Academic state First-order discipline Doctorial program covering the 1st order discipline Post-doctorial station in the 1st order discipline
Food science yes yes Key Discipline of MA/province Food science and engineering yes yes
Processing and storage of agricultural products yes yes /
Cereal/lipids/protein engineering yes yes /
Processing and storage of aquacultural products yes yes /
Food safety yes yes /
Fermentation engineering / yes / Light industrial technology and engineering / /

The current Chairmen of the Department is Professor Tiejin Ying, and Deputy Chairmen Professor Xingqian Ye. The Department harbors the Institute of Food Science and Fermentation Engineering (Director Professor Guoqing He, Deputy Director Professor Xiaodong Zheng), Institute of Agricultural Products Processing and Storage (Director: Professor Tiejin Ying, Deputy Director: professor Xingqian Ye), and the Experiment Sub-center for Undergraduates ( Deputy Director: Senior Experimental Engineer Zhongming Chen). The Food Testing Station of Zhejiang Provincial Local Product Testing and Surveillance Center ( Director: Associate Professor Jiajin Zhu), and the Food, Nutrition and Safety Center of Asia-Pacific Society of Clinical Nutrition ( Director: Professor Duo Li) is also operated by the Department.

The Department of Food Science and Nutrition in Zhejiang University has a faculty of 24, including 8 professors (amongst them 7 Ph.D advisors) and 12 associate professors. 3 professors is sponsored by the "151 Professional Project" of Zhejiang province, and many back-bone teachers has entered the nation's high level academic circle, including 1 member of Teaching Guidance Committee of the State Ministry of Education for Food Science and Engineering, 1 executive Council member of Storage and Processing Division of Chinese Society of Agronomy, 2 senior members of Chinese Society of Food Science and Technology, and a number of executive Council members of Associations of Food Industry, Beer Industry, Beverage Industry, and Food Seasoning Industry of Zhejiang province. Among the stuff there are also 1 chief editor of the Acia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition (a SCI journal).

Major professors in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition

name titles Research interests Tel Email
Gouqing He Professor, Ph.D advisor Food microbiology and fermentation, food biotechnology, food chemistry 86971166 gqhe@zju.edu.cn
Tiejin Ying Professor, Ph.D advisor Physiology and molecular biology of fruits and vegetables, processing and storage of agricultural products, bio-active compounds research 86971162 tjying@hzcnc.com
Ying Zhang Professor, Ph.D advisor Functional food and natural products, new food resources research and development 86049803 Zhang_ying61@vip.163.com
Xingqian Ye Professor, Ph.D advisor Food technology, food safety, dairy analysis, processing and quality control 86971165 psu@zju.edu.cn
Xiaodong Zheng Professor, Ph.D advisor Food micro-biology and fermentation, food biotechnology, functional foods 86971167 xdzheng@zju.edu.cn
Linchun Mao Professor, Ph.D advisor Post-harvest biotechnology, food storage and processing, food safety and control 86971429 linchun@zju.edu.cn
Duo Li Professor, Ph.D advisor Food nutrition, chronic food safety, deep processing of aquatic products 86971024 duoli@zju.edu.cn
Yongxiang Gu Professor, M.S. advisor Food engineering and equipment development, simulation and modelling of industrial processes 86971162  
Ping su Associate professor, M.S. advisor Fruit and vegetable processing, and integrated utilization of agricultural products 86971165 psu@zju.edu.cn
Jianchu Chen Associate professor, M.S. advisor Food technology, functional food components research, and food safety and control 86971165 psu@zju.edu.cn
Fengqin Feng Associate professor, M.S. advisor Research and development of new functional food additives 86971163 fengfq@zju.edu.cn
Jianfu Shen Associate professor, M.S. advisor Cereals/lipids engineering, food safety, and functional food development 86971164 Shenjf107@zju.edu.cn
Donghong Liu Associate professor, M.S. advisor Food processing equipment and automation, food packaging, and non-damaging technology for food testing 86971169  
Hui Ruan Associate researcher, M.S. advisor Food biotechnology 86971167  
Lirong Shen Associate professor, M.S. advisor Natural pharmaceuticals, food safety, food molecular biology 86971168 Shenlirong@zju.edu.cn
Zisheng Luo Associate professor, M.S. advisor Post-harvest physiology and storage and processing of agricultural products 86971429 luozisheng@zju.edu.cn
Jiajin Zhu Associate professor Food chemistry and nutrition 86971168 jjzhu@zju.edu.cn
Yihong Jinag Associate professor Food technology and functional food component research 86971500 yhjiang6@163.com

There are five major research and development directions in the department: (1) food biotechnology and fermentation, (2) functional component research, processing and utilization of plant and animal products, (3) post-harvest commercial treatment , transportation and storage of fruit and vegetables, (4) food quality and safety, and (5) food equipment, engineering and packaging technology.

Scientific research is quite active in the department. Currently there are 2 sub-projects from the national "973 Plan" , 4 key research projects from the 10th National Five Years Plan, 8 projects from the National Natural Science Foundation, 7 key bidding R&D projects from the provincial government with fund of each exceeding RMB 1 million, some other 20 projects from the ministerial and provincial levels, and a substantial number of R&D projects from the industries and international research partners. The total fund of current research contracts amounts to approximately RMB 36 million, with a yearly research found per-capita of RMB 300 thousands. In resent 3years, the department has gained 4 second level and 7 third level Science and Technology Progress Awards from the provincial government. The department publishes about 20 papers in SCI and EI journals every year. The department keeps good cooperation relations with more then 100 companies, and a batch of more then 40 R&D results has been put into industrial application, which has since created some RMB 1.5 billion taxes and profits for the industries.

The department maintains active academic exchanges with both domestic and international partners. It sends out about 10 visiting scholars and receives about 30 international visitors, and runs one or more national or international academic conference every year. An important resent event will be the 8th International Conference on Clinical Nutrition in October 2006 to be hosted by the department. It has established a Duo-degree undergraduate program with Berlin Institute of Technology, and a collaboration relationship for implementation of "985 Project" with UC-Davis. Besides, the department maintains academic ties with partners in many famous universities from European, America and Asian countries.

The department has since enrolled about 1000 undergraduates, 280 master students and 100 Ph.D students. The graduates were appreciated by different sectors of the society. The first time employment rate upon graduation for undergraduate is 95%, and that for postgraduates is 100%.

Address: Department of Food Science and Nutrition, College of Biosystems Engineering and Food Science, Zhejiang University (Hua-jia-chi Campus), 268 Kaixuan Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 310029, P.R.China
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Email: tjying@hzcnc.com


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