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Professor Krik Dolan from Michigan State University delivers a lecture for BEFS faculty and students

Date2018-04-19 | Visitcount720

On the evening of April 9, invited by Innovation Team of Digital Farming & Agricultural Internet of Things, Professor Krik Dolan from Michigan State University delivered a lecture on Biosystems Engineering Methods and Practices for BEFS faculties and students in D630. Prof. Krik Dolans research direction mainly includes parameter estimation and its inverse solution, and the development of statistics and computing methods in food engineering application.

Prof. Krik Dolan firstly shared his working experience on agriculture and food engineering. He introduced his project experience of helping Chinese enterprises products to get international export certificates, demonstrated his specific work contents and methods in his research filed, and provided cases to illustrate the importance of combining theory and practice.

Prof. Krik Dolan then introduced his teams research field, which mainly focuses on parameter estimation and its inverse solution. They apply engineering mathematics to the deductive modeling of biosystems engineering, realize the process parameter optimization by Matlab programming, and finally achieve accurate estimation of scientific experiment parameters and accurate analysis of variable coupling relations. Prof. Krik Dolans team has systematically provided the theoretical methods and practical guidance of solving biosystems engineering problems by using mathematics research methods.

Together with Prof. Haiyan Cen, Prof. Krik Dolan also lectured the Biosystems Engineering Analysis course, which further enriches the specialized course structure and promote graduate students overall quality.

In the interactive session, Prof. Krik Dolan responded the questions and thoughts of faculty and students.

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