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Dr. Hongshun Yang from the National University of Singapore (NUS) delivers an online lecture for BEFS faculty and students

Date:2020-07-29 | Visitcount:1040

On the afternoon of July 27, Dr. Hongshun Yang from the National University of Singapore (NUS) delivered an online lecture entitled “Influence of COVID-19 on Study Abroad in Food Science” for BEFS faculties and students in Zoom. The event was host by Dr. Hui Zhang.

At the beginning of the lecture, Dr. Hongshun Yang gave a brief introduction of what global universities could be selected with Food Science, including Cornell, Wageningen, NUS and so on.

Then, he mainly introduced that the influence of COVID-19 on Master program in Food Science, including MS by research and MS by coursework, which you can choose by your career goal. He pointed out there will be less research funding for PhD study this year and in come year due to COVID-19, so self funding or partial funding support (CSC etc) was important. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 also had influence on co-supervised PhD program, the 1-year overseas studying time is limited, so you need to build-up research experience first, and the visa issue also need to be focused.

Subsequently, Dr. Hongshun Yang showed the location, transportation, view, the university profile, overseas colleges of NUS. He introduced the development of Department of Food and Science and Technology (NUS-FST), which established in 2019 and the progrmme was in 1999. NUS-FST had 200+ undergraduate students and 120+ postgraduate students. Meanwhile, NUS-FST had strong support by & close collaboration with the food industry and government organisations.

Finally, he showed his Lab, including main research contents, lab members.

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