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Dr. Yonghui Li Gave the Report Named “Overview of Kansas State Grain Science & Ongoing Research” Online

Date:2020-08-09 | Visitcount:987

On the 7th of August, 2020, Dr. Yonghui Li, an assistant professor in the Department of Grain Science and Industry at Kansas State University, gave an academic report entitled “Overview of Kansas State Grain Science & Ongoing Research”. The event was host by Hui Zhang.

Dr. Li’ s His research interests include (1)chemical structure, modification and function of cereal proteins, (2)nano-assembly of protein structures, (3)bioactive molecules and peptides, functional cereal foods, (4)and baking chemistry. Dr. Li gave a brief introduction of Kansas State University, and introduced ongoing research activities in Li’s lab, as well as hot research topics in cereal & grain science in the lecture.

Grain is a necessary source of food in our life. Nutrient contents and physical-chemical properties affect what kind of food the grain is suitable to make. Dr. Li showed different classification methods of grain according to its property. Wheat quality has attracted research interest because wheat ranked first in the grain-made food. Dr. Li set baking bread as an example, illustrating the critical control point of the whole processing, like falling number and milling. Different sources and processing method led to different product features, which influenced sensory quality and nutritional value.

Apart from grain science, Dr. Li introduced plants-based proteins. Dr. Li said, “Due to there are great demands of proteins, and animal proteins are not sustainable. Plants-based proteins has seized scientists’ eyes”. Demand for new protein ingredients remains strong. Protein physicochemical and functional properties, as well as protein modification were also referred. At the same time, Dr. Li pointed out quinoa was a promising protein source.

After report, Dr. Li had a communication and interaction with students, talking about the topics that diverse texture of flour could be made into bread to meet different people’s needs, and the further development of grain. Students all showed gratitude to Dr. Li’ s fabulous sharing on academic knowledge.

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