• National-Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Intelligent Food Processing Technology and Equipment

    National-Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Intelligent Food Processing Technology and Equipment is a comprehensive innovation platform based on ZJU Food Science. Combing the interdisciplinary strengths of Horticulture Science, Mechanics and Cybernetics, Zhejiang University established the Laboratory together with Hangzhou Wahaha Group and Hangzhou Hongsheng Beverage Group and cooperates closely with Shandong Taisheng Food Engineering Equipment Co.Ltd. and Xiangshan Huayu Food Co. Ltd..The Laboratory is centered on the development of advanced food processing technology and intelligent food equipments.

    The Engineering Laboratory relies on ZJU’s interdisciplinary strengths and talent advantages. Based on precise nutrition research and guaranteed by intelligent equipments, it targets the forefront of food technology, centers on precise and green food processing technology development and integrates diverse functions of technology development, engineering pilots, production verification, technology transformation and radiation in order to promote success in CEEUSRO.

    Currently the Engineering Laboratory has obtained and successfully transformed a number of practical technology achievements in food precise processing, water-saving equipment of food processing and food sterilization equipment. The Laboratory is in a league of its own in the field of separation and purification of bioactive substances in fruit, vegetable and characteristic resources of agricultural products, as well as in the field of bioactivity evaluation and industrialization exploitation and utilization. The laboratory has completed over 10 projects in advanced food technology reformation, made huge profits for enterprises and achieved significant social and economic benefits.

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  • Key Laboratory of Equipment and Informatization in Environment Controlled Agriculture,Ministry of Agriculture

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