• Department of Food Science and Nutrition



    Agri-chemistry and products processing

    Early 1960s

    Food science program


    Re-founded Department


    First master degree program in agricultural products processing and storage


    First doctorial degree program in food science

    Enlisted in the “211 Project” for key discipline construction (food Science)


    Entitled to confer doctorial degrees in all branches of food science and engineering


    Enlisted in the “985 Project” for key discipline (food safety) construction

    Current Academic Position

    Key Discipline of the Ministry of Agriculture

    Key Discipline of Zhejiang Province

    According to 2017 National Appraisal of First-level Disciplines, Food Science & Engineering ranks No. 6 (A-) in all homogeneous disciplines.


    2 Research institutes

        ①Institute of Food Engineering (Post-harvest, Preservation, Functional food).
        ②Institute of Food Science (Nutrition, Chemistry, Microbiology)

    3 Research Centers

        ①Center of Nutrition and Food Safety, Asia Pacific Clinical Nutrition Society.
        ②Center of Fruit and Vegetable Processing, Ministry of Agriculture of P.R.C.
        ③Center of Agro-food and logistics, Zhejiang University.

  • Department of Biosystems Engineering

    Department of Biosystems Engineering originates from Department of Agricultural Machinery, which was one of the first-established engineering departments in southern China’s agricultural institutions. Currently the Department is entitled to grant Ph.D. and MSc degrees in various disciplines including Biosystems Engineering, Agricultural Mechanization, Agricultural Bio-environment & Energy Engineering, Agricultural Electrification & Automation as well as Agricultural Water & Soil Engineering.

    Up to date, the Department has made outstanding performance and remarkable achievements in the fields of agricultural biologic production mechanical and electronic engineering, bio-systematic information collection and management, bio-mass processing engineering, electricity supply and consuming technology, water environment and control engineering, bio-resource comprehensive treatment and utilization, etc.. It has also established excellent relations and organizes constant academic exchanges with partner departments of a number of overseas universities.

    Upholding the objective of building a world first-class discipline, the Department devotes to make interdisciplinary attempts with various disciplines, including Engineering Science, Biology, Information Science and Cybernetics, in order to produce academic superiority and play a greater role in training advanced engineering personnel with stronger biological scientific information background.

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